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Rules to Abide By

While most CBD companies offer products you can trust, studies have shown that many companies misrepresent what they sell by having less CBD in their products than advertised. While not an epidemic, it is something you should pay attention to, and you should only buy from companies that offer lab test results.

Rule #1- Trust what you take.

Rule #2- Make sure the product has been tested for accuracy, purity and potency.

Rule #3- Only buy from companies that disclose 3rd party lab test results

Botanic Balance may pass these tests with flying colors, that’s not necessarily the case with other CBD companies.

Testing CBD Products

A recent study by JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that many CBD products sold online missed the mark when it came to accurate labeling.  Of 84 products tested, only 31% were accurately labeled. While 45% of the CBD oils tested as accurately labeled, this number dropped to 12.5% for vape concentrates.  The findings suggest “a continuing need for federal and state regulatory agencies to take steps to ensure label accuracy of these consumer products,” the authors wrote.

Don’t think that this is only a CBD product issue.  In 2015, the Attorneys General of New York sent letters to Target, Walgreen, WalMart, and GNC regarding selling supplements that either claimed to contain ingredients that couldn’t be verified, or contained ingredients not listed on the label.

In addition, over a two year span from 2015-2017 the FDA sent 44 warning letters to CBD companies whose labels were found to be inaccurate or misleading, some of them multiple times.  

Only Buy Lab Tested CBD Products

Other studies showed that some CBD products contained small levels of THC, although THC did not appear on the label. Of greater concern is a CBD product containing higher levels of THC than claimed.

While small traces of THC may have no ill health effects, it’s psychoactive properties from larger doses can greatly impact a person’s functions, especially if they are not expecting it.

How Do I Choose?

Do your research.  A solid CBD company will provide details on where they source their hemp and how it is processed, and will be very transparent about their company and products…as we are.  Why? Because we’re proud of our standards, our process, and the products we offer.

When Will This Change?

These studies should not only be a wakeup call to the consumer, but to state and federal regulators concerning regulating CBD products for quality assurance.  With the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp, the government will surely increase their oversight of CBD products as well. Change is coming.

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