Why Active People and Athletes Are Turning to CBD

You don’t need your name or a number on the back of a jersey to be considered an athlete. I may be a Baby Boomer who’s pushing 60, but to my own defense, I’m an active one at that.  I skateboard, fly fish, and play almost every sport that involves a ball.  That being said, the older I get, the more pronounced the aches and pains, and the longer the recovery time.  For this reason I am a firm believer in CBD.

CBD oil has hit the alternative health market by storm.  Heck, even television’s Dr. Oz gives it two thumbs for its health interests and overall safety of use.  Its numerous prescribed benefits leave many wondering “who’s using it, why are they using it, and why should I?”  The fact is, CBD (cannabidiol) is non-psychoactive and can provide numerous medicinal qualities without any addictive properties or ill side effects.

How CBD is Helping Athletes

Whether you are a hardcore athlete or just an active person, strenuous and continuous activity subjects your body to wear and tear, fatigue and possible injury.  Inflammation tends to go hand-in-hand with high levels of activity, and athletes are turning to hemp CBD for its anti-inflammatory qualities which can help reduce joint and muscle pain caused by swelling. Athletes train hard, and the opportunity to help their bodies bounce back faster by using CBD oil is good reason for its increasing popularity.

Types of CBD Products Used By Athletes

CBD topical creams are gaining recognition among athletes as well.  CBD creams are challenging the likes of Bio-Freeze®, Bengay® and Lidocaine® because of the natural ingredients associated with most CBD products.  CBD topical creams are transdermal, which can give instant relief to a problem area.

Bicycling, running, soccer, swimming, football, baseball, UFC fighting- pick a sport, and you will find that many of these athletes are starting to turn to CBD.  Whether CBD oil is being used for prolonged sustainability, or CBD cream for quick, spot-specific relief, many of them are replacing drugstore remedies with CBD products. 

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