A Real CBD Life Experience

My conditions include:

  1. Interstitial Cystitis- an extremely painful condition which causes bladder infection-like symptoms, with no infection present. The pain is comparable to passing a kidney stone and it can hit out of nowhere!
  2. Migraine Headaches
  3. Menopause-symptoms include insomnia, weight gain, hot flashes

Yep…I was a bit of a train wreck!

I had been ineffectively treating symptoms with handfuls of meds for years, each with undesirable results and side effects that posed their own problems, from weight gain, dry mouth, upset stomach, thinning hair, the list goes on. My prescriptions included Macrodantin, Pyridium, Hyoscamine, Amitriptyline, Rizatriptan, Cyclobenzaprine, Topamax, and others…scary!

After about a month of consistent CBD oil use, I began to taper off of all those meds. After month 2, I was completely off of all of them and felt so much better! I am now into month 6. I have lost 15 lbs (with no other lifestyle changes), have had zero flare-ups of Cystitis, I have an occasional hot flash (when I drink alcohol), I fall asleep fast and stay asleep, need less sleep, less fatigue during the day, I still get an occasional headache which Advil or Tylenol can sufficiently manage (no more prescriptions!).

It is worth mentioning that the Botanic Balance CBD oil is significantly better than what is available at the natural grocery and CBD stores. It is a full 1500mg in a 1oz bottle, completely odorless and tasteless. Much of what is on the shelves is 600mg…initially slightly cheaper, but you need twice as much, not to mention it is quite the mouthful of oil and definitely has an odd flavor. I am much happier with the Botanic Balance product.

Also important to note is that CBD oil is a treatment, not an immediate symptom fix. All those meds I was on treated symptoms as they occured…as in, “Surprise!…here’s the pain again!” CBD oil treats the underlying cause, so you don’t end up symptomatic in the first place. I mean it when I say it has changed my life. As a mental health practitioner, I cannot emphasize enough what it means to live without the constant anxiety that I can, at any moment, find myself in incapacitating pain. I am travelling at the end of the month and what a luxury it is to not have to pack an arsenal of prescriptions just in case! The peace of mind is worth everything.

Everything to recommend this product.

Thank you so much!

Anne P.