CBD and Pets

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Let’s be honest, your dogs and cats are not just pets, but family members. We’d probably let them eat at the dinner table if they had better manners.  Here at Botanic Balance we get it, for we are all fanatical pet owners and lovers just like you.  As we look for ways to keep our furry friends happy and healthy, using natural supplements to replace prescribed medications is becoming a priority.  From the food we feed them to the medicinal supplements we may give them, we should feel confident that they are healthy, safe and effective. 

For this reason, many pet owners are turning to more natural alternatives, which is why our Premium CBD Oil blends for dogs and cats are 100% natural with no artificial additives or preservatives. At Botanic Balance, you can rest assured that all of our pet products are:

  • THC-Free, Making it the Safe Choice with No Psychoactive Effects
  • 100% Natural Ingredients with No Artificial Flavors, Additives or Preservatives
  • Non-GMO, Derived Exclusively From 100% Organic Colorado-Grown Hemp
  • Lab Tested and Certified to Verify Product Quality, Purity and Potency
  • Flavorless for Even the Pickiest of Pets
  • Grain, Soy and Gluten-Free

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

Veterinarians have begun studying the effects of CBD on pets and assessing its safety.  According to a 2017 World Health Organization report, CBD, in its pure form, shows to be safe and well-tolerated by animals.

CBD has grabbed national attention over the past few years, and for good reason. Studies are taking place daily to further solidify its potential ability to help with a wide array of ailments in humans, but what about our pets?  Though CBD studies in animals are limited, they are beginning to become more regular, as can be seen from this recent study posted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH.gov):

Safety Assessment with Use of CBD-Rich Hemp Nutraceutical in Dogs and Cats.

Veterinarians are increasingly starting to recommend hemp CBD oil as a treatment for a variety of conditions in pets, and while the effectiveness of CBD as a medical treatment rather than a health supplement is commonly debated, the question of whether it’s safe for dogs and cats is less ambiguous.

It is extremely important to know the source of the CBD you give your pet- Marijuana based products that contain high levels of THC can be toxic to dogs and cats.  Be sure to treat your little loved ones with only hemp-derived CBD products, preferably without any THC content. You can rest assured that we only offer THC-free pet  products that have been verified and certified through lab testing.

With the documented side effects of many prescribed drugs administered to animals, pet owners are constantly looking for a safer alternative.  CBD has no known dangerous side effects, is non-addictive, non-toxic and comes with multiple benefits from a single source- a safe choice.  While hemp CBD oil is becoming an acceptable alternative for pets to ease their ailments and other symptoms, a visit to the vet is always a recommended first course of action.

How Does CBD Work?

Dogs and cats are mammals like us, and they too have what is called an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which regulates such things as pain, inflammation, mood, sleep, appetite, and the immune system. 

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is the bodily system with which cannabinoids interact. Your pets actually produce cannabinoids like CBD, but often they don’t produce enough, especially as they age. CBD helps trigger the ECS system that stimulates their body’s self-regulatory system,  supporting their ability to heal from within.

Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found in many regions of the body, including the brain, organs and tissues, glands, and immune cells. Though the tasks performed by the ECS system in each area are unique, the goal is always the same: homeostasis, a biological process which maintains balance in the body, allowing for a stable internal environment. 

Dogs and cats can benefit from CBD in much the same way as people do. For this reason, many animal owners have turned to Hemp CBD Oil as a healthy alternative for their furry friends. The natural properties of CBD helps promote cardiovascular, neurological and physical health, which can help balance your pet’s physical wellness and emotional behavior.

Benefits of CBD for Pets

Not only does CBD show promise for treating chronic conditions affecting mood and discomfort, it is also viewed as a preventative measure for more serious issues in your pet’s health.

Pet Anxiety & Depression

Many dogs and cats can suffer from depression and anxiety, especially when separated from their owners or left home alone.  Pet anxiety and depression can lead to mood and fear issues as well as disruptive and destructive behaviors.

The symptoms of anxiety and depression are caused in part to a hormonal imbalance, and because our ECS system is responsible for regulating moods, hemp CBD oil can help reduce the effect of the symptoms associated with these disorders.

Hemp CBD oil can help promote calmness by reducing inflammation, making it a much less stressful situation for them (and you!) to be in.

Pain Relief

Even pets can’t escape achy joints, arthritis, inflammation or other ailments that cause them discomfort. 

We, as well as our pets, have what’s called a vanilloid receptor, which in simple terms is a neuron that regulates pain and swelling in our bodies.  Hemp CBD oil can help relieve these body pains and inflammation by targeting the receptor and hindering it from “turning on”, thus stopping the body from sending pain and inflammation signals to the brain.

Behavioral Issues

Hyper-sensitivity, often sparked by separation anxiety, loud noises and unfamiliar situations is one of the main causes of behavioral issues with dogs and cats. It can lead to such behaviors as incessant barking/meowing, scratching, chewing on objects, relentless pacing and urinating.

Understand this is a natural response from your pets.  To help counter this reaction, CBD has been found to trigger the release of serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters associated with your pet’s mood.  The release of these initiates a calming effect that can help them through these trying situations.

By maintaining balance within the body’s self-regulatory system, Hemp CBD Oil can reduce aggressive behaviors and stress disorders by helping calm down a pet who struggles with controlling their moods. 

Seizures in Pets

“If you’ve ever experienced a pet having a seizure, let me tell you, it’s scary…you feel helpless.” 

One of CBD’s most accomplished and well-known feats is its ability to help reduce seizures and epilepsy. In brief, seizures are caused by electrical disruptions in the brain. CBD counteracts this by reducing the number of these disruptions, effectively helping suppress future seizure episodes, as well as reducing the severity of them.

In 2018, the Federal Drug Administration approved EPIDIOLEX®, a CBD-based drug for the treatment of seizures associated with epilepsy.  Most studies you will find are based on human subjects, but many pet owners have seen success with CBD on cats and dogs who struggle with seizures and epilepsy.

Boosting Appetite

When a pet loses their appetite, it’s often difficult to understand the reason why, though poor digestion and nausea are often the cause that alters your pet’s eating habits. CBD oil can help alleviate digestive issues by calming your pet’s nervous system and digestive tract.

In effect, CBD takes an indirect path in supporting your pet’s eating habits by helping relieve tension. When your pet feels relief from and isn’t consumed by discomfort due to digestive/nausea issues, it can increase their appetite back to a balanced level.

Dosage & Research

As with any medicine or supplement, the dosage can vary depending on the condition being treated and the size and weight of the animal. Every pet is different from one another, so it’s important to become familiar with how they respond to CBD.

You will find articles recommending a wide range of CBD daily dosages for your pets, and while we include serving suggestions on every product label, this is more of a guideline and not a prescription.  The FDA has not yet established dosage guidelines on CBD products, which is why we can only suggest dosage based on experience and anecdotal results. As with any new supplement, it is recommended you consult with your veterinarian first.

Though extensive research on the benefits of CBD for humans already exists*, studies on its effect on animals is just starting to pick up momentum- and for good reason.  To date, CBD has not been linked to any major side effects or negative health problems. If you’re looking for an alternative to the often adverse effects of pharmaceuticals for your pet, look no further than Hemp CBD Oil.  

* Findings can be found at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website NIH.gov.  The NIH is the primary agency of the U.S. government responsible for biomedical and health-related research.

The Bottom Line

Studies on the effects of CBD have taken front row seats in medical research for people, but are more limited when it comes to our pets.  Though strides are being made on animal studies, the anecdotal evidence from pet owners has been beyond encouraging, with signs of physical, mental and emotional benefits for pets of all sizes, shapes, ages and breeds.