Here at Botanic Balance, you won’t find our product line collecting dust on some retail shelf.  We are a family-owned and operated Colorado company that specializes in limited volume productions of THC-free, pure hemp CBD to guarantee you receive only the freshest, highest quality hemp CBD products delivered to your door.



We believe in promoting a healthier lifestyle through Hemp CBD, which is why we openly share the inherent benefits of CBD through education, research and CBD-related articles from trusted sources.  People are constantly in search of a safe alternative to prescribed medications…CBD is it.

All Natural.  All CBD.

Pure CBD

Zero THC

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Why Choose Botanic Balance?

THC-Free. Your health is our priority, which is why we only offer pure hemp CBD products that contain Zero THC, for both you and your animals. Non-toxic. Non-intoxicating. Non-addictive .

Freshness. Sun, heat and age can compromise the quality and strength of CBD. Unlike most companies, we firmly believe in producing our products in limited volume to preserve freshness, quality and potency. 

All Natural.  Using only 100% organic Colorado grown hemp, our products are all natural and contain no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors.

Lab Testing. Trust what you take. We lab test and certify all our CBD for  potency, purity and quality to ensure you receive only the safest CBD products. Simple.  Honest. Transparent.

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CBD Product Lines

A Real CBD Life Experience...

I`ve been effectively treating several challenging ailments with CBD oil for 6 months now in place of traditional prescription drugs and it has changed my life! My conditions include….        READ MORE

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New to CBD?

Relax…We’ve Got You Covered

You’ve thought about it, read about it, and are considering your first CBD purchase, but the question still remains: How can CBD benefit me?

We understand, that is why we provide CBD-related studies, research and articles so you can make an educated decision on whether CBD is right for you.